April 2, 2012  Barriscale in Dexigner   Barriscale is a leading international architectural and interior design firm that specializes in retail design for luxury brands, department stores and mixed-use developments. We shape our client's requirements into imaginative, stimulating and memorable experiences for their customers.

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March 22, 2012  Barriscale named among VMSD's Leading Design Industry Firms   VMSD has issued its eighteenth annual listing of leading industry firms and ranked Barriscale Design Studio 29th in a survey of design fees. Barriscale's 2011 results were measured by a strong project portfolio in overseas markets including China, the Middle East and South Korea. The firm remains committed to growing its international presence and delivering outstanding retail experiences to customers in overseas markets. September 7-9, 2011  At the GDI, a Swiss think tank   "She'll pay for what she wants when it's stunningly delivered." Wendy Liebmann, WSL Strategic Retail
"They might not know it but all companies are software companies - software is the driver," Dr David Bosshart, GDI

Retail challenges were widely explored at the 61st Retail Summit at the GDI just outside Zurich. Barriscale participated and came away hugely inspired.
September 7, 2011  Refreshing Swisscom   While in Zurich, we dropped into Swisscom's Zurich flagship, a warm, welcoming environment that's intentionally anti-tech. Customers are reportedly happier with the experience - and may even enjoy an espresso while waiting. June 15, 2011  Two years and counting!   In June we celebrate two years in our new studio in picturesque Sausalito, across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco. Close to one of the area's yacht marinas, a short walk to the beach, even closer to the acclaimed La Garage restaurant - these are just some of the things that fuel creative energy here at Barriscale Design Studio and provide a welcoming place for clients from around the world. Visitors welcome! June 7, 2011  Californian-style for Tianjin Warner Garden, China
Barriscale Design Studio will design the retail and restaurant arcade at Tianjin Warner Garden, a large-scale residential development in Tianjin, near Beijing. The street level arcade will connect three of the development's residential towers and will offer residents and local Tianjin customers a variety of high-end shops and restaurants. Construction is underway on the development for occupation in early 2012.

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April 19 2011   Bigger store and new look for Shinsegae Incheon department store    South Korea's largest retailer and high-end department store chain, Shinsegae, this month celebrates its newly renovated and expanded Incheon branch in Seoul. Barriscale Design Studio is responsible for the interior design of seven floors, embracing retail and restaurant space. Three new retail floors were added to the store, plus a 7-storey parking garage.

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March 30, 2011   The emerging Riviera Arabia    With active projects at the Pearl-Qatar, Barriscale Design Studio is watching with interest as the development grows into a reality. Emerging as the "Riviera Arabia", the development, constructed on a man-made island and the Middle East's most glamorous address, covering 400 hectares of reclaimed land, is Qatar's first international urban development venture. http://www.thepearlqatar.com/ March 10, 2011   Snapshop of a visit to China    On a recent trip to Beijing, Scott Butcher, Barriscale's Director of Project Management & Store Design, was impressed by some of the sights. "The juxtaposition of old and new is mind boggling. Take the new opera house shown in the photo: it directly faces the ancient Forbidden City. It's a huge contrast!"
February 5, 2011   Ten Years Ago.... LeSportsac - environments by Christopher Barriscale   "Whether the company's success can be attributed to the feng shui consultant who confirmed that the design plan was very compatible, the rediscovery of this product by trendy young hipsters, or just the quality of a well-made bag expertly combining form and function, LeSportsac's sky rocketing business can no doubt be in part accredited to the refreshing new store and LeSportsac headquarters and showroom." Contract Design magazine January 10, 2011   A year on for Shinsegae Yeongdeungpo   When it re-opened in November 2009 after a major renovation, sales at Shinsegae Youngdeungpo were the largest recorded on any single day for the entire company. A year on and the department store still performs beyond expectation. Shinsegae is South Korea's largest retailer and high-end department store chain. Barriscale Design Studio designed the interior of the 380,000 sq ft renovation over 17 retail floors. November 20, 2010   Did you know?   Korea's first department store opened in Seoul in 1930. Shinsegae took over the site in 1963 and today the majestic building is a paradise for shoppers of luxury goods and part of the Shinsegae Main Store.